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VSAN(Virtual SAN Infrastructure)

VSAN (Virtual Storage Area Network) is a scalable and distributed datastore for virtualized workloads that supports PBSM (Policy Based Storage Management) and new data services such as deduplication, compression, QOS (Quality of services) metrics, RAID 5/6 (erasure coding) aimed at today’s enterprise use cases.

VMware VSAN provides supports for ROBO (Remote Office Home Office) and SMB (Small and Medium Business). ROBO support comprises two physical hosts and a third as vApp (Virtual Appliance) witness normally located at the main office. While Stretched Clusters support involves geographically separated sites implementation and vApp witness located at a third site. VSAN implementation for virtualized workloads contain combo magnetic disks and flash devices (hybrid configuration) or all flash devices (flash configuration) that contribute cache and capacity to the VSAN distributed datastore. Flash serve as read-write cache for VSAN datastore while magnetic drives provide capacity of the datastore. A simple approach is to use VSAN ready nodes that seamlessly integrate with the hypervisor of choice.

VSAN developed as a full Software Defined Storage (SDS) an abstraction of Direct Attached Storage (DAS) in the continuum of stacks abstraction for a truly Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) enable enhanced storage performance and scalability for virtualized workloads while eliminating the latency and IOPS issues associated with traditional SAN now exposed by virtualization.  Inthejobmkt I Oshiyaoma services.

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