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VDI(Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

Enhancement in the computing power of handheld devices transformed the end user computing environment and introduced the buzz word BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). IT Administrators are now tasked with the support of a myriad of user personal and employer issued devices, laptops, tablets, smartphones used to access company data both on premise and remotely to perform job related work.

VDI provides the answer to support question of these growing arrays of devices and the need to simplify the management requirements of these devices. VDI allows for a centralized consolidation of this user end points support as well as a centralized management to reduce operating costs, application cost and support. VDI provides a consistent look and feel of end user experience for both persistent and non-persistent desktops.

And, for the end user who likes to install cool software outside general deployment policy, VDI non-persistent desktop reverses to the original state at the end of each session and the user receives a fresh image the next login time.

We will show you how to justify VDI deployment ROI (return On Investment).  Inthejobmkt I Oshiyaoma services.

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Virtual Device Infrastructure

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