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Cloud Services

The Cloud is more than somebody’s computer. The different deployments of Cloud computing, whether public, hybrid and/or private provide IT environments capabilities that traditional IT could not provide very efficiently, especially with the advent and transformational innovation of virtualization.

The most noted benefits of cloud computing includes: Self-service provisioning, the capability to rig up and rig down workloads (compute, network and storage) on demand, also programmatically via APIs.

Elasticity: the capability to scale up and scale out, to run multiple instances of Dev/test and Dev/Ops scenario while presenting results in an automatic and agile manner. Pay as you go: no need to buy unneeded capacity for any workload to plan for future growth. With cloud services you can add more compute or storage as needed with a capex savings.

Use cases of the Cloud include: BC/DR (Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery), VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and User Workspace. Cloud services are available on a subscription basis; there is no penalty to unsubscribe.  Inthejobmkt I Oshiyaoma consulting services

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