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Backup & Recovery

On the process continuum for Data Storage management, the ability to successfully recover a backup determines quality and reliability of the backup hardware and software and associated backup devices, backup data services –snapshots, replication, compression, deduplication and encryption as well as meets the backup windows.

Also, important in choosing a backup solution is not the time it takes to successfully complete the backup, but also the Recovery Time Object (RTO). And, most importantly the (Recovery Point Objective) – how quickly the critical business processes and transactions of an organization are up and running for the business to continue as a going concern.

Tape as a backup media is here to stay and Tape is a true and tested backup media for cost-effective long-term retention as well as shelf-life whether in fire-proof Safe on premise or DR off-site Vault for legal and regulatory compliance requirements.

We provide consulting services for both traditional approach and modern data protection with associated orchestration and automation - Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR), and Cloud backup. Cloud has been added as backup media in the 3-2-1 backup rule viz. 3 copies of backup on 2 different media ( disk, cloud or tape) and 1 copy off-site for DR, cloud as off-site DR included.  Inthejobmkt I Oshiyaoma services.

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